Friday 5 October 2012

Larach Locals - Meet Micha...

Occasionally, we like to loosen the tongues of our regulars (and the bar team) with a couple of nips, before asking them to answer a few leading questions about their life in and around The Larachmhor Tavern.  It would be a shame to waste such great banter, so in a series of Q&As, we're asking our regulars and local characters to commit their stories to print, right here....

What's your name? 


Do you come here often?

Only 5 days a yes!

What are you doing in the East Neuk of Fife - 
Born & Bred, Settler, Part-Timer or Regular Visitor?

Born & Bred

Earning a living in this part of the world can lead to interesting work! Are you/have you ever been...

a) a fisherman    b) a bar person at The Larachs   c) all of above    d) none of above

B - a bar person at The Larachs

Feel free to tell us a bit about your background - we love hearing a life story!

I was born in Pittenweem in the mid 70s. My family are a long line of Pittenweem fishermen and women.  My granny was a fisher lass and my dey (grandad) had a boat called The Wilshernie which paired with The Larachmhor - the boat that is this pub's namesake!  I met a Welshman who worked in The Forces and together, we moved around for a few years before we settled back in the area - in St Monans - in 2006.  I've worked for Alex in the pubs he runs since 2009.  Right now, I help run The Larachs for him as Manager and I also look after the kitchen and his outside catering service.  

What's the best bit about working at The Larachs?

The local banter - it keeps me going!

If you're on the other side of the bar,  how long have you been drinking here?

I've been drinking at this bar for about 20 years!

What do you love most about this pub?
For me, it's definitely the fact that it's the only fisherman's pub left in the area...and also I love that all of the staff are truly local - most were born here in the East Neuk of Fife.

When you're not working or propping up the bar,  do you have any great hobbies or passions...that you can talk about here?

My kids and my family.

You must have plenty of memories in this pub - things you've seen, tales you've told, tales you've been told!   Is there a good story or memory you're willing to share with the whole bar (and world)?

Before I worked here, I worked with a man called Davie Boyter in the harbour master's office across the road. On one particular day, I turned up for work as normal but later, I had to be taxi'd home because I was blootered - that's a Scottish word for very drunk - due to Davie suggesting we have a "coffee break" across at The Larachs.  That's as much of the story I can share here...

Favourite Drink?

A wee pint of Coors Light.

Favourite chat up line / conversation starter?

I've heard them all, there's too many to mention!

Finally, they say you can pick up plenty of wisdom from working/drinking in a pub like this...tell us, what have you learned in the Larachs about life!?

Never take people at face value.
Additional Comments - this is where other people who happen to be in the bar during the interview get to throw in their tuppence worth...

" If it wasn't for Micha, this bar wouldn't be the way it is" - Mo, Bar Team

"Micha's cooking has transformed the Larachs into a place where you WANT to eat" 
- Anonymous, Pub Regular

"There's always a warm welcome and good craic from Micha" - Ricky
, Pub Regular

Coming soon, meet Ricky, Dave and more of our favourite local characters...

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